• What is WR?

    WR is a platform for networking, education & inspiration and reaches out to women and girls aged eighteen and above.

  • What does WR do?

    WR aims to provide women aged 18 years and above with networking opportunities, and to get them actively involved in the community.

  • Who runs the initiative?

    The initiative is run by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations.

  • When & why was WR set up?

    WR was launched by the then Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon in 2007. It is our vision that young women are connected and supported by fellow women in the community, given inspiration and empowerment to take charge of their lives and lead them with positivity, compassion, courage and determination. Our role is to create these opportunities, making them accessible through online media, social networking, dialogue sessions and volunteer events.

  • What is the criteria for a WR membership?

    To qualify for WR membership, you have to be Female, Aged 18 and above Residing in Singapore

  • How much is membership?

    WR membership is a lifetime membership. The WR charges a one-time membership fee of $20.

  • What products and services does WR provide?

    Talks, workshops and networking sessions

  • What benefits does WR membership offer?

    (1) WR talks, workshops and networking sessions at a discounted rate, as well as (2) Updates on SCWO talks and events

  • How can I become a WR member?

    Go to the membership webpage and submit the online form. Upon receipt of your application and payment, the WR administrator will send you a confirmation email and letter regarding your membership. http://www.womensregister.org/index.php/membership