Demystifying Cybersecurity!

What is Cybersecurity? How does it affect you and your career? Stay tuned for more updates on how you can learn more about cybersecurity.

Demystifing Cybersecurity!


Cybersecurity is a term often heard at work, in the news, through banks' communication to us customers, on social media sites and many more. What does it really mean? 

Why is it important and what does it mean to you - as a working professional, as a parent/sibling/partner? 

What are practical things that you can do to protect yourself from having your identity (and reputation) compromised?

Ms Ng Yi Ling, an Information Security Professional with a global Fortune 500 bank will be sharing more on Cybersecurity and You. With 14 years of experience, Cybersecurity is by far the most fascinating domain that she has had the privilege of experiencing and working on to date. 

Watch this space for more information on how you can register for this exciting session!